Snowshoe Info

A snowy forest with trees and snow on the ground.SNOWSHOEING AT THE GRAND LAKE NORDIC CENTER

Please do not walk or snowshoe on ski trails.


Snowshoe Trail fees are $15.00 for a day. 

Rentals are $15.00 for a day rental.

Snowshoe Rentals are available at the lodge.

At the Grand Lake Nordic Center we are proud to have approximately 2 miles of snowshoeing available to our guests. The trails offer easy to advanced terrain on a single snowshoe track, which we do not groom, but are well-marked. The trails are marked with yellow signs. You can snowshoe on the snowshoe loop with your dog! You may also snowshoe to the Colorado River where we have a non-motorized bridge  for seeking out wildlife or wildlife tracks, such as river otters, moose and foxes. Along the way you tromp through aspen and lodge pole pine forests as well as open meadows (that are ponds in the summer!). For your convenience there are benches and picnic tables along the way, which overlook the frozen wetlands.

Just a short note to let you know that my dog and I appreciate the trails. The Snowshoeing is great and the trail system is great. – Melinda